Toolkit provides some improvements to the default Contao template. It provides a common interface for templates, supports template helpers and a simple to use template factory.

Template renderer

The toolkit provides a template renderer service which wraps the rendering of the Contao templates and twig templates.



$renderer = $container->get('netzmacht.contao_toolkit.template_renderer');
assert($renderer instanceof \Netzmacht\Contao\Toolkit\View\Template\TemplateRenderer);

echo $renderer->render('toolkit:be:be_main', ['foo' => 'bar']);
echo $renderer->render('toolkit:fe:fe_pgae', ['foo' => 'bar']);
echo $renderer->render('templates/views.html.twig', ['foo' => 'bar']);
echo $renderer->render('@Bundle/templates/views.html.twig', ['foo' => 'bar']);

Since toolkit supports template helpers creating a template would require to pass all registered helpers to a template. Using the template renderer makes it easy. You don’t have to worry about any helpers.


Right now the Symfony templating engine is wrapped. Due of the deprecation of the templating support in Symfony 5 you should not rely on it. It get’s removed


Some templates requires helpers to improve template development and code quality by reusing helper codes. Instead of working with singletons or static helpers, Toolkit encourages you to use view helpers. Every object could be registered as a view helper for your templates.

Default helpers

Toolkit provides with assets and translator two helpers by default which are registered to every template. The assets helper is an instance of Netzmacht\Contao\Toolkit\View\Assets\AssetsManager. The translator helper is an instance of ContaoCommunityAlliance\Translator\TranslatorInterface.


// Inside of your template
$this->helper('translator')->translate('foo', 'bar');


Register helpers

Toolkit uses an event driven approach to register template helpers. This approach allows you to register different helpers for different templates.


// MyCustomTemplateHelperListener.php

class MyCustomTemplateHelperListener
    public function onGetTemplateHelpers(Netzmacht\Contao\Toolkit\View\Template\Event\GetTemplateHelpersEvent $event)
        if ($event->getTemplateName() === 'foo' && $event->getContentType() === 'bar') {
            $event->addHelper('foo', new FooBarHelper())
// src/Resources/config/listeners.yml in your bundle

  class: MyCustomTemplateHelperListener
    - { name: 'kernel.event_listener', event: 'netzmacht.contao_toolkit.view.get_template_helpers'}