I develop Contao extensions for many years. Although Contao provides a useful library some aspects which are required in the daily life are missing. Furthermore some developer concepts which has grown in popularity, especially dependency injection, wasn’t really usable in Contao. Working in projects which have high quality standards some improvements were required.


Developing and providing Toolkit was made with following goals in mind:

  • Provide often required features
  • Increase code quality
  • Create testable code
  • Fasten development

Developer tools

Toolkit does not replace existing developer tools which are provided by other Contao developers. It rather complement and uses the features provided by the other tools.

The haste libary is one of the more comprehensive developer tools for Contao developers. There are some intersections between Toolkit and haste but the main focus is different.

The dependency-container, event-dispatcher and translator got obsolete since Contao 4 based on Symfony.


If you want to see how Toolkit is used in real contao extensions you can have a look at following examples: